Dec 2019 - Hempcrete Australia® is based in the Mornington Peninsula - Victoria.


  • Sprayed and Hand placed Hempcrete application (we use or supply the compatible hemp hurds & binders available on the market)
  •  Build comfortable and energy efficient building envelopes (new & alteration) using mainly Hempcrete as insulation. - Registered Domestic Builder in Victoria - DB U 64000.
  •  Drafting detailing service for Hempcrete projects in preparation for a seamless construction process (3D, 2D, cad) for an even performant building.
  •  Hempcrete house Design, if you can't find an specialist Architect nor a Draftsperson.


"I'll assist any client at a fair cost with an honest and transparent approach to help to build better (efficient homes) using bio-based, renewable, recyclable materials"

  • I have kids and I have concerns about our future; mother nature is collapsing. The capitalistic model only money driven will kill us all. I'm acting at a personal and professional level to tackle issues I can be helpful with.
  • I have 25 years experience in the residential construction, a very strong technical background, innovation and R&D. “Hempcrete is by far the ultimate product !”. It does not burn (fire & bush-fires resistant), flood resistant (will dry out and not degrade), does not rot or mold, termites and insects resistant, create an airtight but highly breathable wall, cool down the house when it is hot outside and keep the temperature in the house when is is cold outside, fully recyclable at low cost, store a lot of carbon, low embodied energy to produce, a rustic and forgiven generous material.
  • I'm also willing to participate to any serious collaborative projects involved in innovation, R&D, experimentation or socially responsible, Australia wide.


We give great respect to the creators of the original website and Hempcrete Australia® business who were visionaries and pioneers.



December 2019 already !, I ran out of time to update the website, I have great construction skills but not so much in web content !

The facebook page Hempcrete Australia is not administrated by me, I've tried unsuccessfully to contact the person who administrate this "unofficial" FB page.



The SPRAYED APPLICATION is the technique mainly use at Hempcrete Australia®. This process uses a machine to blow hemp hurds and binder on the support. It is a high-performance, quick and cost-effective technique compared with manual installation.

 Sprayed & Manual applications are both relevant and have relatively similar performance.

 The manual technique (using form work and batch mix) is used is for internal finish, when walls are to remain exposed (for visual effects of pattern and color). The sprayed application delivers a rough finish surface and is effective for walls that are intended to be covered with a breathable render or lining.

 In practice the sprayed application for a square meter of wall in 250mm is 40 to 50% more affordable than manual installation



 Mathieu GERVAIS/  04.000.444.98 / 03.978.344.33

 2 Diosma court - Frankston South - 3199 VIC

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 "talk you soon", thank you.

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Friday 5, Saturday 6 DEC 2014 
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HLC in floor Maleny Training



Owners call it HEMP HAVEN!
"...Our Hempcrete music room is super cool - not just FANTASTIC but, really cool, literally - today it's 42 outside in the sun (Conondale, Qld) and a gorgeous 22 inside our Hemp haven - Totally LOVE it!"
Music studio owner builders - Maria and Douglas



Articles: Find us also in Sanctuary and on the Envirotecture blog.

Hempcrete Video: This is a nice little video explaining the main features of hempcrete.


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Training is as important as the product's quality. We have designed a unique training program for hempcrete installers based on the BCA certified products INSULIME and INSULCORE

What is Hempcrete?

hempcrete Hempcrete is a generic term for an old basic recipe of lime, hemp & water that has been used for decades in Europe for the restoration of old wattle & daub or cob construction. Unlike concrete or masonary, hempcrete does not crack severely under movement.


hempcreteDownload Materials Safety Data Sheets, Material Properties Documents and Case Studies all in PDF format for your convenience.

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