We can offer technical support to clients wanting a Hempcrete project. We can assist designers in design and specification requirements for Hempcrete as well as provide advice with respect to detailing requirements.  However, because of our hempcrete knowledge, experience and skill base, Hempcrete Pty Ltd can offer much more to clients.

Professional Services
We are experienced project managers that clients can utilise to ensure the hempcrete project is successful in meeting outcomes.  We can offer:

  • design development and project management,
  • project planning,
  • builder negotiation,
  • project cost estimation and
  • full engineering design



Hempcrete Australia Pty Ltd is happy to be flexible and offer you a number of options to build with hempcrete:

  • Hempcrete installation
    We can make the process easier by having our installers do the hempcrete installation for you.*
  • Hempcrete Site Assistance
    To make the whole construction process easy, why not have a hempcrete advisor help you on site to make sure the job is done right.*

*Call or E-mail us for a quote. Costs will range depending on location.

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