using St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes and products

Hemp is a natural material suitable for making light weight insulating mortars. Its density vary between 110 and 150 kg. per m3. The strands are between 5 and 25mm long. The thermal conductivity of hemp in bulk is 0.05 W/m.K.

Particular attention has to be paid in making sure that hemp is not subject to dampness either due to stocking conditions of the raw material or capillary action in hemp mortars (adequate damp courses if constructing walls or nsulating/draining ballast base in concrete should be in place). The qualities of St. Astier natural hydraulic limes are ideal for making hemp mortars. A special binder,Batichanvre/Insulime, has been prepared for making Hemp mortars.

In comparison with other products using hydrated lime with the addition of hydraulic binders (cement)/pozzolans, Batichanvre/Insulime contains 25% less additions due to the use of St. Astier NHL...

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Eco Build - Hemp Construction
BATICHANVRE / INSULIME (for Australian and NZ market)

Low density binder based on St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes for the production of hemp mortars. Its use has been validated by tests conducted by ENTPE (French public works national school) and conforms to the hemp construction general rules...

Download the BATICHANVRE data sheet

Download the BATICHANVRE/INSULIME Health and Safety Data Sheet for the Australian/NZ market

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